Traffic Tickets Hurt More Than You Know

Explore your options with a traffic ticket lawyer in Dallas, TX

When you've already got so much on your plate, it's tempting to pay your ticket to get it over with. The Law Office of Nick H. Zoes offers an alternative. If you've gotten a traffic violation ticket in the Dallas, TX area, let us handle it for you.

Our traffic ticket lawyer will review your situation and advise you on the best way to proceed. Call Stephen Rosales at (214) 363-4111 today to learn more and have your ticket handled.

The downsides to accepting a traffic ticket

The downsides to accepting a traffic ticket

Is it really worth hiring a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in the Dallas, Texas court system? When you simply accept and pay your traffic ticket, you could end up...

  • Paying more than you need to: An attorney can often get your charges reduced, lowering your fine.
  • Losing your license: Accepting a ticket means adding points to your license, which could lead to a license suspension.
  • Damaging your record: Do you really want a traffic conviction on your record?
  • Increasing your auto insurance premium

In some cases, a traffic ticket lawyer can even get your charges dismissed.

The Law Office of Nick H. Zoes can handle any type of traffic violation. Were you caught driving without insurance or a valid license? We'll still fight for you.