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If you're facing a sudden legal challenge, you have a lot of questions. The Law Office of Nick H. Zoes has the answers. Count on a local lawyer from Dallas, Texas to break down your case and translate all the legalese into plain English or Spanish.

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Criminal Cases, Misdemeanors & Felonies

Protect your good name, career and future by consulting with a criminal defense lawyer.

Family Law & Divorces

A family lawyer can help you set up child support and custody agreements that benefit your child.

Traffic Tickets

Accepting a traffic ticket could cause you serious trouble down the line. Work with a traffic ticket lawyer to avoid losing your driving privileges.

Auto Accidents

While you focus on your recovery, we'll focus on fighting for your compensation.

Has life thrown you a legal curveball?

You need an experienced, competent attorney to help you through your legal trouble. The Law Office of Nick H. Zoes can help you deal with...

  • Criminal charges: Facing felony or misdemeanor charges? A criminal defense lawyer can explain all your options.
  • Divorce: Settle your divorce more efficiently with help from an experienced family lawyer.
  • Traffic tickets: If you want to lower your fine, reduce your charges or fight an unfair ticket, hire a traffic ticket lawyer.
  • Auto accident injuries: Don't let a car accident wreck your life. Talk to an auto accident lawyer about seeking compensation.

We also provide probate and estate planning services. Schedule a meeting with a local lawyer by calling (214) 315-9485 today.

Why choose The Law Office of Nick H. Zoes?

Why choose The Law Office of Nick H. Zoes?

Our legal team has earned a reputation for being dedicated, compassionate and trustworthy. When come to our law firm, you know we'll do everything possible to help you get your life back to normal.

For over 30 years, we've been Dallas, TX's preferred choice for ethical legal services. Discuss your case with a local lawyer today by calling (214) 315-9485.